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The Risk of Burnout when Working Remotely
September 10, 2020

Avoiding the constant pressure and long hours required of work, home schooling and financial pressure may not always be possible but burn-out is not inevitable. It does, however, require consistent effort and intentionality to maintain both your wellbeing and work performance.

Creating Balance

Managing people’s expectations and your own is essential for any remote worker. Self-discipline may be required to work when no one is watching, but it is equally important when setting boundaries that allow for rest and for time with loved ones. This is not something your company will do for you but finding ways to unplug from work will provide your company with a more productive employee for a longer period.

Having a designated workspace in your home, scheduling extra-mural activities or switching your phone off at dinner time are a few suggestions. Ultimately, what these boundaries look like will depend on you. For many remote workers, maintaining that initial balance becomes the most challenging, yet crucial task.

Having a Plan

We recommend approaching remote work as you would any project, with a plan. Hoping to figure it out as you go along, you may find it more difficult to establish boundaries down the line. This is especially true if you have a family or other personal commitment. While sacrifices will have to be made, determining what and how much to sacrifice is best done in the beginning.

Making the Most of It

Finding ways to optimise on the opportunity you are given will not only make it more enjoyable but will contribute to striking that work-life balance. While not entirely avoidable, the risk of burn-out can be minimised. Nurturing remote relationships, assessing your boundaries, and starting out with a plan will help you avoid those potential pitfalls that often result in being overextended. What is more, if you allow yourself to make the most of it, being enriched by the experience is guaranteed.

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